Why Buying Green Coffee Bean Extract Is Worth It

Money is not exactly the easiest thing to come buy these days largely in part due to our crumbling economy. Our economy has become so unstable that wasting $20 now feels like wasting $200. Yes my friends, that is how scarce money is these days and it is because of this unstable economy that we want to make sure that every purchase we make is worth it. It has to be worth every penny that we invest in it or otherwise we would just end up wasting our money on nothing.  Well one product that you can purchase and not have any regrets about later on is green coffee bean extract.

Yep, you read that right it is green coffee bean extract. You are probably surprised to hear about this since we usually see coffee as being brown. Well that is the color that it gets once it becomes roasted for you see, green coffee bean extracts are coffee seeds in their natural state. What this means is that they are not roasted and are instead soaked so that they can be extracted.

Green coffee beans are not roasted because of their chlorogenic acid. This naturally recurring compound can be found in many plants, most notably the green ones. However, it has a highly concentrated amount in green coffee beans. When the coffee beans are roasted, their chlorogenic acid content will disappear during the process. While they will still be able to retain most of their antioxidant properties and their caffeine content, their chlorogenic acid will completely disappear.

Chlorogenic acid is the main active ingredient in green coffee bean extract. It is what gives the supplement its weight loss inducing properties. Aside from that it also helps regulate our blood sugar levels and helps convert fat into energy that the body can use at a later time.  This supplement was recently promoted by two celebrity doctors in early 2012. These doctors are Lindsay Duncan, a certified nutritionist and respected neuropathic specialist, and Dr. Mehmet Oz, the host of the Dr. Oz Show.

According to these two doctors, green coffee bean extract has a lot of health benefits that it can offer you including weight loss. In fact, its weight loss inducing properties are so powerful that it can actually make you lose weight without having to let you change your diet or make you do any stressful exercises. To back up their claims, a study was conducted on a group of individuals who were all having issues with their weight. In short, they were all overweight and wanted to do something about it.

They were made to undergo a 12 week period wherein they had to consume 2400 calories a day while they took in green coffee bean extracts in different dosages. After 12 weeks each of the individuals who volunteered for the study lost an average of 16 lbs.  And the best part was, they did not even do any exercises during the whole study, nor were they forced to change their diet. As a matter of fact, they all went way beyond the recommended amount for daily caloric intake.

Now if this product is not worth your money, then I don’t know what is.


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