Health Benefits of Green Coffee Bean Extract

There are many benefits of green coffee bean extracts that can really do wonders for your body and your overall health in general. A respected nutritionist and neuropathic doctor named Lindsey Duncan has vouched for this after going on the Dr. Oz Show to show the world the wonders of this brand new weight loss supplement. Even the show’s host, Dr. Oz himself, has stated that green coffee bean extracts are the real deal when it comes to making you fit. According to them, green coffee bean extracts allow you to lose weight without making you have to change your diet plan or do any strenuous workout routines.

This information is based off of a recent study that was conducted on a group of 16 overweight adults who were made to take in green coffee bean supplements within a 12 week period. While the study was being conducted they were also required to consume at least 2400 calories a day. This number is already way pass the recommended dietary allowance, but even though they did this they were still able to lose a considerable amount of weight within a few months’ time.

But despite these staggering numbers for their daily caloric intake, each of the individuals that participated in the study lost an average of 16 lbs. within 12 weeks.  This means that the green coffee bean supplements were successfully able to decrease their overall body fat. And you know what the awesome thing is? It’s not the caffeine that makes green coffee beans work.

The powerful compound in green coffee beans is a little something called chlorogenic acid.  Aside from helping you lose some fats, this naturally recurring compound also increases your metabolism rate. An increased metabolism means that you will be able to lose weight faster. The best thing about green coffee bean extracts is that they are all natural meaning they do not have any additives.

And if you are a coffee lover who has gotten used to the rich, aromatic flavour of brewed coffee, then you are going to be in for a bit of a surprise with green coffee bean extracts. These things have a bitter taste to them which is why it is advised that they be taken in their natural form.  The beans have a bitter taste because they are not roasted, thus making them fresh. The reason why green coffee beans are not roasted is so that their chlorogenic acid content will not get destroyed during the process.

If you are planning on taking green coffee bean capsules, which we highly recommend that you do, make sure that it has at least 50% chlorogenic acid. This is important since chlorogenic acid will play a huge role in your weight loss goals.  Combining it with a healthy diet and regular exercise will also help maximize your weight loss in the long run.

Yes green coffee bean extracts can help you lose weight even if you do nothing, but it would be better if you could incorporate a little exercising and dieting in your regimen to help speed things up.

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