Green Coffee Extract – For Real or Plain Hype?

Whenever we drink too much coffee we often end up becoming nervous, restless, jittery, and we sometimes end up losing our appetites as well.  Of course this is a good way of dieting, but if you are drinking a 20 oz. cup of joe every morning, then you are taking in between 400 to 600 calories a day. Now you are not going to be able to lose your weight this way so it is better if we can find an alternative for this while not denying your body its daily intake of coffee.

You might be thinking that coffee is not a good tool for weight loss, but the truth is, coffee is actually a better weight loss enhancer than you think.  What exactly are we talking about, you ask? Why it is none other than good old green coffee bean extracts of course.  These fresh coffee beans are the real secret behind coffee’s weight loss potential. They are rich in antioxidants and a special compound called chlorogenic acid, which is the substance that can aid you in your weight loss goals.

The only catch here is that green coffee beans won’t be consumed through your coffee mugs every morning. Instead, these things have to be taken in supplement form a.k.a. pills. So why do we have to take this supplement in its purest form? The answer is because of its chlorogenic acid content. Coffee beans that have yet to be roasted are rich in chlorogenic acid. Roasting them will end up removing all of the chlorogenic acid found in the beans.

You will still get some of the antioxidants and caffeine if you want to roast the coffee beans, but losing the chlorogenic acid in them is too much of a loss for those who are struggling with their weight.  Why is chlorogenic acid so important that we have to retain it if we want to lose weight? Well, let us look at some other products first. Most weight loss products will tell you that they can effectively burn off your fat cells, which is totally untrue.

The most you can do is to shrink off their size and this relatively safe weight loss supplement will be able to help you do just that.  Taking in some good quality green coffee bean extract will help you shrink your fat cells, thus, making it easier for you to lose weight in the process.  This supplement can really help you trim down a bit even if you do not do any exercises, but if you can manage to lower down your daily caloric intake and do a bit of exercising while you’re at it, then you will lose even more weight.

As far as its safety goes, you really have nothing much to be worried about since it is all natural. The only thing that you should be concerned about is the caffeine that it has. Remember that some people are not able to handle caffeine well, but if this extract is taken in moderate dosages then everything should be fine.

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