Green Coffee Bean Extracts – Understanding Its Benefits

Fitness buffs and health freaks the world over are currently buzzing about one of the newest supplements to hit the weight loss market. Green coffee bean extracts were first introduced back in early 2012 when two doctors endorsed them on the Dr. Oz Show. The two doctors who unofficially endorsed the said product are Dr. Mehmet Oz, the show’s host, and Dr. Lindsay Duncan, a certified nutritionist and neuropathic doctor.  They were pretty confident when they were telling their audience members both in the studio and the ones watching on TV about the effects that green coffee bean extract has on weight loss.

This article will help you get a better understanding of green coffee bean extracts as well as the potential health benefits and side effects that the supplements carry with them. For starters, most of the people who are planning on getting this supplement will most likely be drawn in by the claims stating that it could be the new wonder supplement for weight loss. While it may have a high amount of antioxidants and some positive comparisons to other supplements such as grape seed extract, there is still not that much evidence to support its claims.

However, there was a study conducted on a group of 16 overweight individuals in the University of Scranton. They were made to take in 2400 calories a day while regularly consuming green coffee bean supplements. 2400 calories a day is way beyond the normally prescribed caloric intake amount, but with green coffee bean extracts the subjects each lost a considerable amount of weight within a span of a few months. To be more specific, all 16 individuals who volunteered for the study each lost an average of 16 lbs.

Despite this, however, the group used in the study was relatively small so the results are not really that conclusive. But on a more positive note, this can at least give us a small glimpse of what green coffee bean extracts truly have to offer.  Now even though using it as a weight loss supplement may still be questioned by some people out there, it still has its fair share of health benefits. This is mostly due to the extract’s chemical make-up and the processes used behind it.

Unlike the traditional coffee beans used in brewed coffee, green coffee beans are used fresh meaning that they are not roasted. When these beans are still fresh and green, their antioxidant levels and chlorogenic acid content are at an all-time high. A higher amount of antioxidants means an even better chance of ridding your body of unwanted free radicals. This also helps regulate your metabolism, lower down your blood pressure, and effectively balancing your blood sugar levels.

As far as side effects go, you guys are in for a treat because the good news is that the side effects seem to be minimal at best. The only major ingredient in green coffee bean extracts that people should be a little concerned with is caffeine. Some people simply don’t have the stomach to tolerate caffeine and this can sometimes cause them to suffer from mild side effects.



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